Engagement Rings

Tips on how to buy Diamond Engagement Rings

When planning on buying diamond engagement rings one should start with a defined game plan.  First and foremost, one should consider their budget.  Consumers should expect a pleasurable encounter with your jeweler.  Therefore, getting references from reputable online resources such as Yelp and Google Reviews  or articles such as these found at La.racked.com can be useful in helping you find  your potential jeweler.

When you meet a jeweler you feel comfortable with try to be specific with what kind of engagement rings you have in mind.  The result being getting the ring you want.  Knowledge can be paramount to your experience.


Picking Her Style of Engagement Rings

When considering what direction to go with regards to potential engagement rings, an important factor to consider when buying for a woman is, what kind of jewelry does she already wear? Does she frequent a certain style in her wardrobe?  Modern or classic?

For example, a petite woman may opt for a feminine style engagement rings that have thinner bands to match their frame.  Not to say any person should not have what they desire, but typically many consumers find themselves purchasing not only on looks, but practicality and durability make all the difference in the long term.


Engagement Rings and Details

Do her pieces tend to be more delicate or bulky? Plain or detailed minded?  Keep in mind the small subtle things she may like.  Consider her activity level and how wearing a ring could fit into her daily routine.  If she enjoys being hands-on and outdoors, a sturdy, thicker, low profile ring may be appropriate.  If she loves glamor and wants to make a statement, consider a higher profile setting and more detail oriented and intricate.

When looking for tips on buying rings, one can even look to home decor to get ideas.  If she prefers clean, modern types of furniture,  she may unknowingly prefer square shape diamonds.  Cuts like the square radiant or asscher cut ring styles go well with the art deco or modern styles.

If she enjoys a more of a bohemian style, one should consider.  More bohemian types tend to favor more unusual diamond shapes like the trilliant and marquise cuts which go well with the more organic concepts.  Consider these questions when you are shopping for engagement rings.  When keeping her style in mind, one has a better chances to make the surprise all the more special because you kept her preferences to her liking.


Choosing the Right Metal for Engagement Rings

Next up you have to pick the correct type of metal.  Many of today’s top jewelry manufacturers make their engagement rings in a variety of colors and metal purities.  For example you have the option to choose from white, yellow, rose, and black.  Then you will have to choose the metal purity.  Many jewelers offer 10k, 14k, 18k, palladium, platinum and even some platinum mixes for hypo-allergenic consumers.  The purity of these metals should be taken into account when making a purchase for engagement rings.  The standard metal used in most rings is 14 karat white gold.


Fine jewelry is used with precious metals like gold, platinum, and palladium.


Engagement Rings and Sizing

If one is able to know your partner’s ring size, all the better, if not, there is no need for despair.  A great way to get her ring size without spoiling your intention to surprise her is to is to sneak off with one of the rings she already has and take it to your jeweler for sizing.  If that is not a possibility, many jewelers can use these suggested measurements to get here approximated ring size.  The average ring size in the US is 6.

This information is based on the data that suggest the average US female being 5’4″ tall and weighing in at around 140 lbs.  One could approximate that if she is a slender or fine-boned woman, her ring size could be speculated to be in the 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 range.  A larger, heavier, larger boned or taller woman is approximated to be in the vicinity  6 1/2 to 7 1/2 range.  When considering the size of engagement rings it is important to know that it is better to buy a ring a little bit larger as opposed to smaller.  This is because it is easier to size down engagement rings than to size them up.  See here for international ring size chart along with a ring sizer.